Board and Working Committees

The Board

The board is responsible for the associations’ operation under the lead of the chairman. This includes f.ex. making decisions regarding associations’ financial issues, investments and strategy. The boards’ decisions have also a significant impact to national decision made by Suomen Ekonomit.

Miikka Luukkonen, chairperson

Nordnet, Head of Business Sales



Tanja Piha, first vice chairperson

Greenstep, Chief Inspirational Officer & Head of Sales



Lauri Härkönen, second vice chairperson

Bittium, Business Controller


Jenni Alasuutari




Jori Hurula

Accenture, HR Partner



Kati Isomaa

Wihuri Metro-tukku, Category manager



Anne Jääskeläinen

IT consultant




Marjo Koistinen

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Lecturer



Vesa Putula

The Finnish Defence Forces, Super Intendent




Laura Utti

IBM, Senior Transformation Consultant



In addition to the board members, a representative of KY ry and a Suomen Ekonomit student liaison person participate to the board meetings to present the students’ point of views.

Working Committees

There are multiple working committees under the supervision of the board of Helsingin Ekonomit. New members are recruited annually to the groups.

Ekonomi Summit Working Committee

The committee’s task is to plan and execute the yearly Ekonomi Summit seminar, which brings together the Finnish Business Graduates and students.

Chairperson: Kati Isomaa
Members: Irene Burmansson, Matti Copeland, Maria Ekroth, Eva Furuhjelm, Henna Hakala and Annika Virtanen.




Education Working Committee

The committee advances the lifelong learning of business graduates by getting to know the members’ needs for education and mentoring and by making initiatives to the board and the clubs to develop the education of the community.

The group is also responsible for
– making suggestions to the Board and the clubs in order to develop the members’ education.
– making advances to the Board of how to enhance the cooperation of Helsingin Ekonomit and Aalto University
– setting up a proposition of the scholarships and stipends that are annually granted to the members and the students.

Chairperson: Marjo Koistinen
: Johanna Farin, Tarja Kokko, Päivi Käri-Zein and Kati Saario.

Economy and Finance Working Committee

Chairperson: Miikka Luukkonen
Members: Jukka Hahlanterä, Carita Holmgren, Tiina Mellas, Tomas Parkama and Harri Tilli.

Future Working Committee

The committees’ task is to develop Helsingin Ekonomit’s functions to better meet the needs of the members now and in the future.
The assignment includes f.ex. developing Helsingin Ekonomit’s marketing, communication and brand. One of the assignments is to develop the way the clubs work.

Chairperson: Laura Utti
: Lauri Härkönen, Anna Junnila, Tarja Kokko, Sanna Kujansuu, Gerd Norrgård, Juho Rissanen and Henrik Sievers.

Working Life Working Committee

The committees’ task is to anticipate and follow the legislation of working life and assess the impacts of the changes as well as follow the fiscal development’s effect especially to wage earners and micro entrepreneurs. The group is also responsible for finding ways to strengthen the skills and knowledge of staff representatives of Helsingin Ekonomit.

Chairperson: Anne Jääskeläinen
Members: Jenni Kankkunen, Minna Kinnunen, Olli Paavonsalo, Jyri Pitkänen and Vesa Putula.

Linnanmäki Working Committee

The committees’ task is to plan and execute an event in Linnanmäki Amusement Park in 2022.

Chairperson: Jukka-Pekka Kokkonen
Members: Maria Ekroth, Anne Jääskeläinen, Allan Malmström, Satu Nordlund, Martti Siira, Heidi Tukiainen and Jukka Virtanen.

Other organs

The members of Helsingin Ekonomit influence also in the board, working committees and networks of Suomen Ekonomit. Read more here.