Helsingin Ekonomit ry

Ratavartijankatu 2
00520 Helsinki

[email protected]

Member service

Helps for example in changes of your personal information as well as issues with membership fees, member benefits and unemployment benefits.

  • Log in to member service of Finnish business school graduates eLounge
  • Call tel.020693200, service Mon-Fri between 9-16
Invoicing information


E-invoice information

Operator: Maventa
Operator’s identifier: 003721291126
E-invoice address: (OVT) 003702226628

Invoice needs to be sent as pdf-format, all appendixes in the same file
[email protected]

Paper invoices
Helsingin Ekonomit ry
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Business ID


The email addresses of the employees’ are firstname.lastname(a)

Leena Karppinen, Community Relations Coordinator, p. 0400 585 536
Leena's responsibilities include events and communication to the volunteers as well as working with the clubs, the board of directors, working committees and member service.
Annaliina Tiri, Content Creator/Digital Marketing
(Maternity leave) Annaliina is creating content to various channels, especially in digital world. She will answer the issues considering content, communication and digital marketing.
Minna Verkala, Community Relations Coordinator, p. 050 585 6522
Minna is responsible for Helsingin Ekonomit’s events. She can be contacted also with issues regarding finances, invoicing and member service.
Marjaana Töyli, Executive Director, p. 040 7057 788
Marjaana is responsible for operative leading of Helsingin Ekonomit. She is also the editor-in-chief of Helsingin Ekonomit’s members’ magazine.
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You can find the contact information of the chairperson ja members of board here.