Positive Intelligence mental fitness – what is your level of mental fitness and what’s the connection with how physically fit you are?

Positive Intelligence mental fitness – what is your level of mental fitness and what’s the connection with how physically fit you are?


Your mind can be your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. Your mind is constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance and happiness, and all your negative emotions, including stress, are the result of your saboteurs.


What sets elite athletes apart from the rest? They manage their self-sabotaging thoughts and bounce back swiftly, staying unfazed by self-doubt. Others get trapped in self-criticism, loose their focus and limit themselves from being all-in. Are you living your life inside your own mind, or is your focus outside on things that truly matter? Whether playing sports, at work or even right now.


We all know that moment: couch and tv or out and jog. It’s a battle in your mind. Can you stay mentally fit to boost your physical fitness? Unfortunately, human evolution wired us to conserve energy (ie. not move), avoid risks (not change any habits however bad they are), and consume (eat, especially things packed with energy like chocolate!). Mental fitness counteracts these urges. On top of evolution being against us, nowadays we also need to fight the dopamine rush our phones and social media gives us, if we want to stay healthy.


So, to not be the underdog of evolution and social media, you need mental fitness to be in charge of your own mind and your own behavior. Luckily though it’s a two-way street: when we do exercise, you give oxygen and nourishment to your brain, you think and see more clearly, and it’s easier to stop your sabotaging thoughts.


Within you, a constant battle rages. One voice criticizes, sows doubt, and fuels anxiety. The other is wiser, confident, and courageous (but often silent). Like a Star Wars epic, your mind becomes an arena for light and dark forces. You might recognize this battle during work or exercise – those inner voices that say you’ve failed or should be better. How often do you listen to them? How often do you remind yourself you’re capable and enough?


The good news: your mind has three mental muscles – saboteur awareness, self-command, and sage powers. Just as you strengthen your biceps at gym, you can grow these muscles too. When you become aware of your thoughts and learn to choose how you think – you are in the driver’s seat of your life. The quality of your thoughts, correlates directly with the quality of your life.


The more physically fit you are, the higher mountains you can climb.

The more mentally fit you are, the better you can handle life’s daily challenges and take better care of yourself.


Positive Intelligence (PQ) draws from Stanford research on half a million people worldwide, from CEOs to athletes. It provides simple tools to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Just as a tennis player doesn’t dwell on a missed ball, you too can learn resilience and focus.


Positive Intelligence guides you toward mental mastery, unlocking your full potential.




Discover your own saboteurs with the help of the following assessment: positiveintelligence.com/saboteurs


Author: Melinda Holmén, PCC sertifioitu PQ valmentaja, joka auttaa sekä yksilöitä että tiimejä mental fitness -kehittämisessä.






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