Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO of Amcham Finland

It all comes down to people, skill-building, and a pinch of inspiration

Teksti: Alexandra Pasternak-Jackson, CEO of Amcham Finland


As the CEO of Amcham Finland one of the privileges of my position is meeting executives and professionals spanning over 20 industries, headquartered in 20 different countries, and ranging in size from five-person teams to companies with 350 000 employees. Hearing their vision for the company or a key development project and then working to help them get there is one of the great joys of my job. With such diversity in our membership, I look for what they have in common. All of our members are forward-looking, globally-oriented, and community-driven companies. They understand that industry-shaping deals and booming economies are created by people. People who are engaged in the work they do, energized by the people they meet, and inspired to move their business forward.


That’s one of the reasons we love working with the team at Helsingin Ekonomit. When you embark on new endeavours, you want to put your best foot forward, and that means finding partners that you can trust and who understand your audience. One of the best ways to build relationships with those new acquaintances is to share a professional learning experience- like what is offered through the Luminary Series, which brings inspiring international speakers to Finland. Helsingin Ekonomit and Amcham Finland’s partnership began with Ted Talk trainer John Bates last November, continued this past June with Bonnie Hagemann who spoke on visionary leadership, and will carry on this coming November with the charismatic René Carayol.


For me, bringing inspiring and skills-oriented business speakers to Finland was a no brainer. I love coming to work when I’m feeling inspired and I’ve learned a new skill. In fact, the benefits of an inspired workforce are scientifically proven. Consider a recent study by top American management consulting firm Bain & Company. They found a competitive edge among companies able to answer and act on the question, “what makes a leader inspiring?” Statistics indicate inspired employees are more than twice as productive as the merely satisfied. As a CEO, I not only want my team to be more productive, I want them to feel inspired and motivated too. As a community leader, I want that for all our members- all together more than one million employees globally.


The people you meet at events like the Luminary Series will operate in different industries and positions than your own. To build your network and your human capital, it’s important to reach outside of your typical circles and meet people from different industries. Keeping an open mind while sharing an inspiring learning experience is key to building relationships that will then improve your bottom line. A great example of this is the story of our member company Bayer, who met the leadership of another member, the Finnish National Opera through Amcham Finland. These two completely different organizations, a pharmaceutical and life sciences company and an artistic institution, quickly discovered they could learn from each other by sharing their approaches of turning creativity into innovation.


Their story developed into our October 11 event, How does creativity turn into innovation?’ Bayer Nordic’s CEO Miriam Holstein and Finnish National Opera’s Artistic Director Lilli Paasikivi know that inspiring employees to be creative in their own work brings about the kind of satisfaction that makes their team twice as productive. Who doesn’t want inspired, creative and productive employees?


Running a business network is about bringing people together and generating opportunities for business development. We strive to see businesses working together in new and innovative ways. So, whether your focus is relationship building, developing new capabilities and expertise, or you just want a little inspiration, give Amcham Finland and Helsingin Ekonomit a call- and we’ll help you get there.




The Luminary Series
Featuring René Carayol
November 13, 4:00 – 6:30 PM, Helsinki


René is one of the world’s leading business gurus specialising in leadership, culture and transformation. He shows precisely how contemporary leaders can inspire their people through a powerful and authentic emotional connection, to do the things that others said could not be done.


As well as one of the world’s leading executive coaches, working with some of the Fortune 500’s top CEO’s and their executive teams, he has also actually been Chairman, CEO and MD of blue chip businesses. He speaks with the authority and confidence of the expert practitioner who has seen and experienced it all before. He is the best-selling author of the leadership and culture bible, “Corporate Voodoo”, and has had the privilege of working closely with some of the world’s best leaders, from former US President Bill Clinton to CEOs of blue chip businesses, including Jim Yong Kim at TheWorld Bank, Ralph Hamers at ING Bank, Mario Greco at Generali and Maria Ramos at Barclays Africa.


He has interviewed the good and the great including Jack Welch, Allan Leighton, Lou Gerstner, and Sir Richard Branson. His latest book, SPIKE is the product of some 30 years of supporting the growth and development of individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes in the UK and overseas. The book brings together a proven formula for personal and business development.


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